3D Avatars in your world!

  • Super easy integration with Unity to get you going right now!

  • Create and sell custom items.

  • Built in microtransaction engine to monetise your world.

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Build your world in Unity, add avatar system and networking, invite your friends to come check it out!

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A customisable avatar system for your world

Bring your world to life with our customisable avatars. Visitors to your world can express their personality and recognise their friends!

Integrate in minutes

It’s super-easy to integrate into your Unity game.

Drop your API key into the included avatar controller class and have avatars walking around in your game before you can say "thisisreallyawesome!"

It’s Easy!

With our system you can build a multiplayer virtual world in minutes! We have spent a lot of time building a great customisable avatar system so you don’t have to. We're also committed to improving the system. Missing a feature? Let us know and we'll work on adding it.

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Your Rules

You can get a multiplayer virtual world up in less than an hour. From there, you make the rules! Zero gravity? Super Deformed avatars? Quests? Cartoon shaded world? It’s all up to you.

Awesome support

We're here to help you out with all your needs. Give us a call, tweet, email, skype or even drop by the office and we’ll help you out.

Make money

We have a microtransaction system built into the platform. You can sell any virtual item and make money.

We offer a variety of payment methods for different platforms.

Create items

Our comprehensive documentation and sample files will enable you to create your own avatar or game specific items.

Share items with the world

Allow visitors to take their items with them to all the worlds* they visit!

Visitors get to have fun, show off their avatar in other worlds and help promote your world in the process.

*which are using the Vostopia avatar system